132 livres, diploma project about extrem bibliophilia. I made a personal and conceptual library. 2017. clic and enjoy it :)
Ouvre Moi, thesis about "pornographic ways of representations". Digital printing, recycled paper, 93x160mm, 130 pages. 2016.
Melmoth, ou l'Homme Errant, from Charles R. Maturin's novel. Digital printing, 108x150mm, 164 pages. 2016.
Lemon and porcelain. 2014.
Les Bijoux Indiscrets, from Denis Diderot's novel. Digital and silkscreen printing, various papers, 140x210mm, 500 pages. 2015.
Book in books. Work made with Juliette Poirot. Digital printing, uncoated paper, 106x176mm. 2014.
Lipstick Traces, from Greil Marcus's novel. Book and posters. Digital printing, yellow paper, 297x420mm (open size). 2015.
Babel project, from Jorge Luis Borges's novel. Digital printing, coated paper, 294x412mm. 2014.
Pickles and porcelain. 2014.
17 H^, collective work. Digital printing, various formats and papers. 2010.

Dear Visitor,

I'm currently a Graphic Design student.

I graduated at Superior Institute of fine arts in 2015 (Besançon-F) and also at La Martinière Diderot in 2011 (Lyon-F).

My work is specialized in printed matter, books and experimental graphic design.

For more informations or pictures about projects, feel free to send an email.

Hope you'll have a good time.